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Things are going well for me, away from the W with almost no contact. Taking this time to focus on myself. I'm in the process of building a plan for myself going the span of the next 5 years.

1) Save for my own place, will be renting. Goal is to move out of my friends house and into my own place around august.

2) Get my dental work done, plan for this is to get the work done that is needed surgically here which will probably cost around $2k and then travel to South Carolina to get the remaining work done which will probably cost me around another $2k. This will save me around $4k in the end. The south carolina clinic will be before insurance so I would also get reimbursement from my insurance.

3) Fix my credit over the next 3 years and pay a little extra towards my car to pay it off sooner .

4) During all this save money for a down payment on a house in 5 years.

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M(32) W(30)
Together 12yrs
Married 2yrs
ILYBNILWY 11/23/18
EA Discovered 3/20/19

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