Oh C'mon, not again. Just got this emai from the band leader regarding next January's cruise" (names have been changed)

"Bill is wanting to book flights already and wants to know names for your guests. Please let me know." Something tells me he made the exact same request near exactly a year ago as there is a large event where I'll see one of the promoter partners - same as I did last year this coming weekend - where I told him I was meeting someone (Wild Girl) tomorrow but I won't have a name for awhile yet and can he please get "Bill" to back off? I guess I just have to crack it up to "Bill" is Bill and he's not going to change. He doesn't need to book flights 7 months in advance.

Interesting how I've hardly even thought about it. I think I got it out of my system last year. Did see and talked with Wild Girl's parents this past weekend. Nothing really to report. Was in Nashville a few weeks ago, in St. Louis a week after that. Out of town but still in state at the overnight event that started things with WG this past weekend. Again, nothing really to report with all of it. I've got about zero ambition to date. Got lots of thoughts I guess, or at least some thoughts. Could regale my travel stories, or family events, or outings with friends but again, not really much to report. Oh well.

Me 56
Met 11/95 / Married 5/00
Bomb 6/20/05 / She Filed on 6/2/06 / Divorced on 10/9/06
4 who'd qualify as GF since D & dated about 25 women since D