People like her are hard to be around for sure. Validation with her types are purely a one-way road. You validate and validate and get nothing in return. It's good validation practice though, LOL! My girlfriend is not THAT bad, but has a similar princess mentality. Sometimes I get tired of validating her all the time and just pull back and give myself a break.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. I need a break from validating. I will get it this weekend with the kids and my family.

She is just looking for a fight. She cornered my at little league last night to discuss repairs to the rental home. She hadn't mentioned repairs at all, so its not a matter of me avoiding the topic. I merely said that she should send me the receipts so I can view them. Somehow that devolved into her dictating what will happen and how much I owe, so I said that I don't feel like im being heard, we can continue this conversation at a later time and walked away.

She then sent me an apology and a proposal for paying for the repairs via text. I again asked for a receipt for the corrective maintenance. "What do you mean creative maintenance? You are attacking me again and I won't stand for it. What makes you think a 50/50 split of assets is going to happen? I won't consider anything until you send me in writing why you think this is appropriate."

I didn't mention anywhere a split of assets, this is about fixing the water heater and a few other things in a home in a different state. She read creative maintenance and assumed that I was belittling the maintenance that needed doing as unnecessary I think. I went back and read my message just so make sure I didn't get autocorrected or something, definitely says corrective maintenance.

If one goes looking for a fight, one will find said fight everytime.

Im not replying to her demands. Is this a let it go scenario, or a boundary setting one? 'I feel disrespected and unheard. If this tone continues, I will not continue this conversation.'

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