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I have a large text message that she wrote to me that says she never liked camping, fishing, or any of the other things we used to do together. That she needs someone who can value her more than I will ever be able to and that we have no options but this path. I disagree that we have no other options, and I'm doing what I can to increase my value as a man and that will help me with whomever I wind up with going forward. Her or someone else.

Oof... that text almost sounds like one to just let lie....but as I'm trying to work on validation myself, let me give it a crack.

First of all, ignore "we have no options but this path." She's begging for a response here, ignore it. She is not expressing a feeling, so you don't need to validate. She is expressing an opinion, and hoping you take the bait and defend.

LB: "Gee that sounds awful to feel so bored for so long. It must be difficult to have your needs go unsatisfied."

I'm sure one of the vets here can craft something better.