Not much change in the situation, doing ok here. Doing my best to GAL and be a Dad.

Got a regular Monday night event with some guys from work, that is a good thing. Got back on the field yesterday as a football referee, got a couple more games before the end of spring football. Will pick that back up again in the fall. Put 700 miles on the Harley in the past couple weeks.

Still working to get my house together, need to buy a table, kids and I are tired of eating on the couch or the floor.

I'm getting closer to the point of not having a reaction when she tells me things like 'I have plans Friday night, so make sure you pick up the kids on time'. I have my reaction in the truck, and I yell at her there, by myself, and get it out, but she can't get a rise out of me anymore on much of anything, she keeps poking and prodding to see if she can. Picking a fight with me has been her way to keep power over me, since I would apologize for whatever she blamed me for every time.

Ready to be done with the process, so the proverbial noose around my neck can be removed. She likes having that power over me and controlling my finances via the court. It will be over soon enough.

Starting to get interest from other women. Hard to not cave and just start a new relationship, given that its been 18 months since I lived at home, even though its only been 5 months since she filed.

Me40; W38; S12; D9
BD11/19/2018 D filed 12/20/18
D Final 7/2020
Being the best example I know how for my kids to see.