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Flying without instruments
Do you fly airplanes?

Since I have 3000 hours of flying time, I don't think I would ever want to fly without instruments.

Had to jump in since I never like to miss any airplane talk. I've been an instrument rated pilot since 1992. Not near as many hours as you, at about 1,100, but sadly I've not been PIC since 2009. Sold my share of a Cirrus SR22 shortly after. I miss it but not enough to get back in the game. A lot of great memories though. Hmmmmm sorta sounds like my love life as well. smile

Anyhow, I'd never fly without instruments either but for some they love the thill or perhaps don't want to consider the very real possibility of crashing and burning. Interesting relating the two.

So as not to high jack another thread I will respond here.

I have not flown for a long time either as most of my flying time was in the Air Force,
In my younger days it was quite a profession.
Most of my classmates are now retired airline or FedEx pilots, so I get a lot of that talk from them.

Of course they all had their professional opinions about Boeing,
mostly that with their training here in the US that those accidents would never happen.

Anyways glad to know their are fellow airman here! smile smile smile

Me-66, D33,S32