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Any suggestions on wording of "your welcome to come home and be with me in the MBR or the extra spare room but I'm not leaving or splitting time". Should I mention working on stuff or just leave it flat that she can always come back into the house and we can all be under one roof.

I would just stick to "I am not leaving the house." Anything more than that ("You're welcome to come back", "why don't we work on the M") is just turning it into a R discussion and applying pressure. If she proposes moving back in then your reply should be along the lines of "I'm not sure I feel comfortable with that but that is your choice to make."

You've reached 10 pages so it's time to start a new thread, give it the same title as this one and "part 2". Link this thread in the first post of your new one and in your last post in this one put a link to the new thread.

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