Still no positive ID of an affair but she has been at her parents house since she has had a horrible very serious lung issue and needed to be taken care of and I need to still go to work.
Boys have slept back and forth and all is ok but she is still on the mend.

She has asked if I would split time in the house when she is better which means I would be 30 minutes further from work, friends etc. My lawyer and I agree that I will say no to splitting time and she is welcome to come home. 2 weeks ago just out of the hospital she said she did not want to share the house.

Any suggestions on wording of "your welcome to come home and be with me in the MBR or the extra spare room but I'm not leaving or splitting time". Should I mention working on stuff or just leave it flat that she can always come back into the house and we can all be under one roof.


Me. 46
Her 37

Years together 10
Married 7.5

Kids 4 and 6