So as much as I hoped I could get on with my life and enjoy time with my Children the WW selfishness impacts on life…

As mentioned about, the ex-moved out into her new place at the end of March.

Last week I picked my children up and asked what they had been doing.

The eldest mentioned “Mr X” – “Hes mummys new friend”.

I didn’t want to get involved so asked nothing. My eldest just said “he has no hair and breaks his promises Daddy – when he was around last week he said he would play with us next time, but he wouldn’t play with us today”

So this was the second time they had met him – Considering before she left we agreed 6 months of a relationship before either of us introduced our children to new partners – That went out of the window in weeks..

Fast forward to this Tuesday..

I picked the children up from School and asked how their bank Holiday Monday was.. The Eldest replied with “Mr X was around all day and mummy and him just sat on the sofa talking. And Daddy, he slept over last nights in mummys bed”

Later that night she brought him up again ( I am purposely avoiding asking anything ) – “Daddy I hate him. He is an idiot. He never plays with us and when he is there him and mummy just sit and talk. He keeps asking me lots of questions but never listens to me”

Not mentioned this to the Ex, as she won’t listen and I planned to keep out of it..

I no longer have quantity time with my children, so my focus was quality – but frustrating to hear the children vent about their mum / Mr X

Last night came and I picked the children up from the ex’s.. Our middle child didn’t want to come with me and got really upset – I had to literally carry her to the car ( 5years old ) ( also upsetting for me to hear he say she didn’t want to come to my house )

She was fine once she left her mums and got in the car though.

I asked her while putting her to bed why she got upset. Her response “Because I see you lots, but don’t see mummy much” – I mentioned the fact she had spent all day on Monday / Monday night at her mums..

Her reply “But Mr X was there so I didn’t see mummy much as Mr X and mummy were talking lots. I don’t like him Daddy because he keeps putting his arm around mummy on the sofa”

Oh course the ex loved the fact that the middle child didn’t want to go to Daddy’s and I suspect will try to use it against me in court / custody.

As this board is full of LBS, how did they deal the WW and her attitude to the children.. There is ZERO point in having a conversation with her.. It made zero difference when we lived together.. She won’t believe the children said this stuff, as its not what she wants to hear. Its about her – Selfishness

Thoughts / advise on the best way to handle this?


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