Funny it sounds like to me, she is still operating under the dynamic that she is still your W from all the raging because of her not getting her way with personal time/ time away from the kids. Think about that? She wants to get out and party more and be sociable, but at the same time, out of retaliation, she wants to go full custody? That makes total More me time, but more kid time makes total sense in their world.

Mine has similar complaints. Just ignore it, and ignore her, but do set a boundary, and make her aware of it CAMLY about scheduling conflicts if she yells. Don't treat her as your W anymore, and don't allow her to treat you as a H. She fired you from that position. Remember? It's resentmrnt spewing out of her. Do what's best for you and what makes you happy, Go and GAL, but be fair in scheduling.

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