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That's been my experience with touring too - wake up, rehearse something that's been changed/added/or needed work, load up the van, travel to the next destination, drop things at hotel, soundcheck/play/eat, do it all again the next day. It's fun but you definitely do NOT have time for tourist stuff.

Well when it's a straight work trip that you're being paid for... then yes... although even then I've had more fun. I'm no rookie at all of this and have done well over 100 road trips. But this was not "sold" to us as that. It was sold to us like the cruise was. It was sold as you'll see and do all of these things and we only do one 3 or 4 hour performance. That then turned into 2 performances before we left - which was still fine. Then after we get there it became 5 hours on one night and 6 on the next (or the other way around) coupled with showing up like 1 PM with nothing to do, sitting around and waiting for a sound check that finally happened at 5 and then start the performance at 7. Just not at all what I'm used to or down for even WHEN I'M GETTING PAID. Funny thing is, the guy who organized this in the USA went with us on the cruise but is refusing to go again this next time because the free drink package wasn't included! I'm like dude, you won't go unless you get a drink package when you only perform like 10 hours in a week yet you just made us do 11 hours in two days! The fact that some got to bring guests also T'd many of the others off.

I don't know, maybe I should have saw this coming? Part of it is their culture over there. Another part is this promoter over there seems a bit shady. Just really stinks for someone like me who was really looking forward to seeing Europe... and is STILL really looking forward to seeing Europe. Had dinner in Germany if that counts! LOL

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