Thanks again guys. You guys coming back here to offer that time gained wisdom is gold for us. And you do it on your own. Thats a rare exception these days.

I am located here in Greece and I have read many of your responses as a sort of "scripture" to my sister who is consoling me these days and we have these 'a-ha' moments.

I dont know, but I wish my psychologist could be half as good as you are. I write down all these notes to get his insight, and his response is so generic and flat. Nothing like the expertise here. Only difference he is 3 dimensional.

For instance I read a great description of MLC by DnJ yesterday on the MLC forum which was so spot on it was crazy.

Thanks again!!

B.D in December 2018
Physical Affairs discovered in April 2019
Divorced May 2019
H (me) 49
W (her) 29