Right now she is at her parents house down the road with the boys bc she developed a lung infection and has a chest tube to a draining box to measure the outflow. She need to be in a recliner and have special food for a bit.

I could also OPRA the gps in her work vehicle. Our truck which she drives around town sticks out like a sore thumb so taking that anywhere near his house would be a bad / weird idea.

She is out of work for another week or two and plays Words with friends with me non-stop yet Friday night at her moms house watching movies with the boys she texts me b4 coming over to not sit next to her or think we are a couple bc this is unfixable.

I think she did something and is trying to make me out to be the bad guy or frustrate me enough to proceed and start paperwork which I will not do. She also mentioned that when she heals she would like to move back into our house but only if i'm gone or we split the week where she would go to her parents house which is close and I would go to my parents which is a half an hour further away from work and friends.

Aggravated and trying to stay strong.

Me. 46
Her 37

Years together 10
Married 7.5

Kids 4 and 6