Thanks for taking the time to post the blue and red summary. Great explanation and a bang on the money. It funny really how they see things. Good example is the photobooks I do. Every year I would create a photo book of all the family photos from the past 12 months. 100 pages of probably 200 Ė 250 nice family pictures. I always did 2copies Ė one for my mum, one for her. Timing wasnít really a factor Ė I just waited until PhotoBox had a good offer on 100 page books. My daughters love to get them out and look through. A few months back ( after PA with EA3 was in flow ) she sat down next to me and our youngest and started to complain about how crap that day was, and how she wasnít happy on that photo etc .. Basically the whole of the 2017 photo book showed unhappy times on that day. It was odd.. Yet she was the one who came and sat down with me and the little one.

A few weeks back I walked into the house a few days before motherís day with 3 books. I had done them because I needed to sort one for my mum, but as they had an offer on, figured Iíd do two for me/ my girls as well . I figured just because she was leaving, why should I stop making the nice books. She assumed because she saw 3, one was for her. Nope.. I had that many nice family photos of our family in 2018 ( upto the BD ) that I filled 2 books. I had also left all the pictures of her in the 2 books, as I refused to rewrite the past years history just because she suddenly became unhappy / wayward.
I didnít even discuss them with her and sat down with my girls as they eagerly went through the books to look at the pictures capturing our fun from the past year. Later than night I walked in on her looking at the 2 books. Her eyes had filled up when she looked though them and she said how lovely they were, and but she didnít understand why I had left the pictures of her in them. Explained that I wasnít going to rewrite a year of our family history . With tears in her eyes she said they showed some really happy times and it was a shame we were in this place. Ė This is the same person who has told me she hasnít been happy for 7 years lol..

Re the Narcissist thing. Councillor said just before session 3 that she may suffer from some cluster B disorder. My understanding is that Narcissism falls under that. I just feel like a fool for putting up with it for so long.

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