Well, it's been over a month. I wish I again had more to report and I guess I do but nothing worth reading??? LOL. The cruise is confirmed for next January again. I thought it was going to fall through as... a different cruise line, different line up of bands and the behind the scenes negotiations looked like we might have to bow out as the perks were reduced from last time. I guess I still have my negotiating skills as I put together what I really thought was a fair counter proposal and evidently they did as well as it was accepted. Part of me was almost fine if it would fall through as then I would not have to go through last year again but to be honest, now that it's a done deal again, I'm still fine. I think I may have gotten it out of my system last time. That's not to say I won't have to find someone to go and won't have the same goals (other than the drama of the last month or two prior to cruising LOL) But I've got at least until August again and a lot can happen.

I leave for my first trip of my life to Europe in a few hours. I've traveled a lot or at least a fair bit in my lifetime but never to Europe. I'm excited but not nearly as excited as when I went on the cruise. I know I'll have fun and I'm very glad I'm going - just not at that same level. Not even sure why. I'll let everyone know about it when I get back later next week.

Still kinda meah about dating and I'm sure that's effecting my results. Pretty much the same thing now has happened with four different women - we talk about going out, sometimes even have tentative plans, but then it never happens. I think they sense I'm not fully in it and doing it just in case something happens. One of the women I've dated before and we are mostly just friends but it would still have been fun to get together when she was in town - but we didn't. The next lady I think is afraid of dating anyone. The third said she is allergic to cats and Republicans LOL yet we have gotten along very well. For the record, I don't have any cats. She again just said about meeting (none of these are from OLD) yet every time I say, sure, then she backs off. Thing is, none of them give me that "I really want to meet you feeling" - more just the "yeah, we can go out even though I don't expect anything to come of it feeling" and I'm betting they are sensing it or perhaps even feeling the same thing. I wish I would have whatever came over me with Wild Girl last summer come over me again - where I actually tried and when I tried, look what happened.

And speaking of Wild Girl, I had not heard from her at all for nearly a month then we ended up on the phone for several hours catching up last week and again for a shorter time two days later on my birthday - yes I'm even a year older. Ugggggggg. She is interesting, I'll give her that. I swear she even believes the stuff she says. I really wanted to know (I don't even know why) what this new guy of hers said after the cruise - which as an aside, I still keep getting questions from people I run into based on the social media photos out there "Who is this girl" "she really looks into you" "did you get married" Um MARRIED?? WTF???? Anyhow, yes, he still thinks something went on - to which she says to me "I don't get it why do people think that men and women can't just be friends" I'm like, well, look what happened, and she gets real quiet and almost whispers in the phone, "no one knows about that." To which I respond, "Well I do, I was there!!!!" Why would she even say something like this - other than she is challenged with the truth so deeply that she's even lying or at least spinning it to someone who knows the real story - MEEEEEEE!. Yep, fun to play with, but not at all R material. Yet... Not a healthy choice on my part. If everything happens for a reason I should perhaps be thanking this guy for entering the picture when he did.

Enough of that as other than two out of the last 30 days I didn't think much about her. I'm hoping my future dating life will all just naturally fall back into place. There are at least a half dozen women I could peruse like I did WG, now if only I could find it within myself to want to peruse them. Now watch, that will happen while in Europe, with someone who lives there. That would be true to form for me (but the first time with someone from out of the country LOL)

How's that for an update barley worth reading? Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report next time.

Me 56
Met 11/95 / Married 5/00
Bomb 6/20/05 / She Filed on 6/2/06 / Divorced on 10/9/06
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