curtis, remember, believe NOTHING they say and only half of what they do. This goes for negative things ("I want a D!") as well as positive things ("I am so excited for the new LEDs").Remember, she is not even sure of herself in her own mind! I remember when my WW was at her most wayward, sexting and send nude photos to OM, she would still talk about things way out in future. It was confusing, but I also learned by experience, and by advice given here, to believe nothing that came out of her mouth. The reason for it sometimes is because they flat out lie, "There is no OM. He is just a friend. Etc." But mostly it because she has no idea if what she is saying is true herself!

My WW explained to me and in C that how she felt at any given minute could be completely different a minute later. Sometimes their words don't even make sense to them later. I witnessed that as my W slowly came out of her WW fog.

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