Yesterday morning while making pancakes for the kids my S was watching a YouTube of other people playing video games. Neither my W nor I can stand hearing the video game voice overs when we are in the room. I told him to turn it off and watch something else. He became upset and said itís not fair and that I get to watch sports whenever I want. Now, since BD, I have stopped watching sports almost completely, just lost most interest in it. Iím sure it will come back in time, but I wonít let it dominate my life.

My W then said to me ďIt is going take time to see that it is different.Ē I didnít know what she meant at first, but then came to the conclusion that my S hasnít recognized that Iíve stopped watching sports. Still, I couldnít help myself from thinking she had some other hidden meaning behind it. Such as perhaps she is noticing my personal changes and needs to continue to see them over an extended period of time to know they are genuine. Or perhaps the comment meant we are going to have to get used to a different lifestyle when the physical separation starts. I am probably reading too much into her words and should not try to analyze what she is saying.

I also finished up the exterior LED light project on the horse barn. My W asked me a couple times if I needed any helped and I said nope. When it was finished she seemed pleased, not sure why she cares if she has no long term intentions of staying here.

Me:41 W:39 S:9 D:6 T:20 M:16
PA:8/22/18, BD:11/6/18
PA discovery & IHS:12/3/18, W moves:4/2/19
Ríville:9/27/19, I give D docs:3/1/20
W home:4/5/20 (due to CV-19), W NC w/OM:4/13/20 6/1/20