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Curtis, your mistake isn't boundary related. It is being around so much for all of it. Stay busy!! Get the child care schedule in place and then every minute that isn't your time with the kids is spent out some where. You're struggling with what she is doing because you are around way too much. I know close proximity intuitively feels like being in control. But how is that working for you?

Steve, this one is tough, because I'm concerned the kids are being neglected when I'm not around due to all of her screen time.

Today, when she continued on with the dating apps on her phone. I went to Lowe's early afternoon to buy some supplies for a home improvement project that I had planned. When I returned, I spent the remainder of the day working outside on running wires and installing exterior LED lights. She texted me at 6:30pm stating that she was invited to a female co-workers house to hang out for the night. I replied, "So, you're taking the kids?" She replied she wasn't planning to but could check. She replied the other woman's kids where with their grandparents and said she didn't want to take ours. I didn't respond. Eventually at 8pm, and just before I came in the house after sunset, she texted "Heading out, be back later." Again, I didn't respond. Was this the right move?

Again, I feel taken advantage of being the babysitter for our kids with her cake eating. I don't really know if she is going to see he co-worker friend or hanging out with one of her new dating app hookups.

I must say that one thing I've noticed over the past few months is that when she is active around the house, then she generally meets up with one of the OM later in the evening. For instance, today she vacuumed the entire house, did laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, and grilled steak before heading out. Maybe this is her way of justifying her WW behavior in her mind that it is more acceptable from a morality perspective.

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