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He would also say, ILY, just to pressure me into saying it back.

I haven't said ILY since December, learned that one and stuck by it from early on, from that standpoint, I am in good shape.

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As the LBH, you see all those positive people that could be a wonderful support system for her......but she doesn't want it. Once the WW steps over that line of betrayal, she will distant herself from anyone who does not agree with her choices. The BFF is a strong, negative influence. Women can be very influenced by another female. If you W already had the mindset for waywardness, then making friends with the BFF was like the perfect storm. IRL, I have witnessed women leaving their H to join some single female in a lifestyle that resembles Girls Gone Wild. It's crazy, and when that woman finally comes to her senses and sees the reality around her, it's heartbreaking to see what she sacrificed.

Yes, I do believe that someday she will realize the wave of destruction that her choices have caused. I hope that I can stand strong enough to ride it out before either her or I decide enough is enough.

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She is not the girl you married. The more you try to force her into that mold, the worse she's going to treat you. The more you try to convince her the M can work, the worse her behavior will get b/c she feels she has to prove that she's done. She wants you to back off and just let her live however she chooses.

Not the girl I married or the woman I've known for the past 18 years, cannot be understated any more than you know. It is true that she is an alien to me. I never thought it possible to believe my partner that has always been there for me could flip into an unrecognizable personality that has almost no care for me whatsoever.

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Her behavior at the games are indicative of a wife/mother who is not truly emotionally involved with her family. She's simply trying to "go through the motions" at the moment, but don't be surprised if she starts missing more and more games. We can't make the other spouse be a good parent.

Well stated, her priority is herself right now. All selfish desires trump anything else. When someone or something impedes what she is pursuing, there is no hesitation in stepping over or on it to get what she wants.

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