Spring break at school started today for my kids and Iíve planned to take off work most of next week to be with them. I was thinking of taking them on a short trip to get out of the house and spend some quality time. We live in Florida and I was considering a few different options such as Atlanta, St Augustine, or Sanibel Island.

I shared with my S yesterday and he wasnít too keen on the long drives and chose St Augustine. This would probably be just a 2 day trip.

When my WW got home from work, my S unpromptedly asked her if she wanted to come with us. She seemed mildly intrigued but didnít make a decision. I said nothing.

Now, on Friday nights, I typically take the kids with me to play volleyball. So, next my S unpromptedly asked if she wanted to go with us and she actually did for once. Maybe I should have backed out then and just let her take the kids, but instead we all went together.

On the way she told me about her job sitch. Her current employer basically offered to match the new job offer from a total compensation perspective. I asked how she felt about that and essentially carried on a validation convo. She also told me about a supervisor that discouraged her from the promotion the day before which was one of the reasons she was upset. I empathized with her which she may have appreciated.

At volleyball, I treated her just like any other player. I focused on having fun playing with my friends with a cheerful attitude and didnít intentionally look in her direction or try to make eye contact. She kept going back to her phone between volleyball games and messaging whoever. Same thing the entire way home.

After getting the kids to bed, we were each having a snack at the table. We didnít talk. She, of course, was glued to her phone. I finished shortly after she sat down, so I got up, walked away, and went to bed.

It was a fun night. I feel I did a good job of ignoring her and moving on. Maybe she could sense my lack of interest.

Me:41 W:39 S:9 D:6 T:20 M:16
PA:8/22/18, BD:11/6/18
PA discovery & IHS:12/3/18, W moves:4/2/19
Ríville:9/27/19, I give D docs:3/1/20
W home:4/5/20 (due to CV-19), W NC w/OM:4/13/20 6/1/20