Do not initiate text messages. When she texts, if it is informational do not respond. If it is a question, respond in your own time in as few words as possible. Yes or no questions get yes or no answers. In your own time means you don't have to respond immediately. Take your time.

If she questions why you didn't read her informational texts later, just say: "I got it, thanks for letting me know." Or something appropriate to what she texted.

Your goal is to limit contact as much as possible. Face-to-face. On the phone. Over text. Keep your conversations short. Discuss only things necessary about the kids. If she starts a R discussion just say something like: "I am trying to process all of this. I need more time to consider everything." Be polite. Upbeat. But not overly sharing. Remember, stay busy. On her nights with the kids, be out doing something. Anything.

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