Two things. Yes you guys need to work out a schedule. You're right, she is trying to manipulate you with the mother comment. But you need to get this in writing so there are no more issues like this.

I also think, based on your history since BD, that you may be using her needing to be home with the kids as a way of controlling her. You've struggled with where she is and what she's doing, but when she has to be with the kids you know she is home. WWs are masters at picking up on tactics like these.

Her freaking out at the lack of communication is typical WW behavior. They expect and actually like for you to text them constantly even if they say they don't. When it stops they wonder what is happening. WWs don't like the loss of control that they feel as the LBH starts getting better at detachment. Some even get mean.

Just hang in curtis, keep focusing on what YOU can control, and that isn't her.

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