Okay, even in this update....WAY to much pressure. Using the document signing as a chance to get her to attend a marriage intensive?! Do you really think it is going to help anything? I know you are trying to get a commitment for it later when the As are over. But do you really think she would honor such a commitment. I mean marriage is the biggest earthly commitment a human can make,and she isn't willing to live up to it. "Yeah I'll go to a marriage intensive at some point in the future with you if you cosign on my bachelorette sleep-around pad. Really?!?

You are obviously watching every move she makes. "She pecked at her phone only to look up when our S was at bat". Come on man, you know she can tell you are watching her like a hawk. She knows you are still attached. She knows at anytime she could promise to make a couple of concessions and have you reattached to whatever level she wants you. Do you think that is worthy of respect?

Drop the rope. Double down on GAL. Stop being laser-focused on her and work hard to detach. Let her go to get her back. Every thing you've done is pushed her further away. Time time withdraw and make her feel that you are moving on. Short of that she will never wake up.

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