I've implored the 180 and Last resort and been the best chill person I can. Getting stuff done around the house normal chores and taking care of the kids and a bit more and been conflict free for almost 3 week.

Now i'm seeing her mildly pissed off like Mort said I might bc I'm ruining her thought pattern of what she thought I would stay like. I'm not persuing or starting relationship convo's . But I feel Sunday she tried to bait me into an argument bring up moving on and apartments and space.

I stayed cool and told her "you need to do what you need to do" We ended the night by her going to the spare bedroom and all was cool with just a "good night" to each other.

Monday night she could have stayed at the house but decided to come for the walk with the dog and then Tuesday night offers to get me cookies and milk before we watch our DVR'd shows.

Thoughts? Is she reacting to the pull back or being nice to set me up for a bomb?

Me. 46
Her 37

Years together 10
Married 7.5

Kids 4 and 6