curtis, AS has a way of putting things succinctly and he is 100% right. That is a ton of pressure. The LBS that do the most damage to their sitches are those that think they have to constantly be doing something to make things better. I see no GAL, or detachment in the updates so far. And even some of your 180s are harmful. Attraction comes from respect, and wives do not respect subservient men. Look who she is drawn to: a 28 yearold pickup artist that has done nothing for her except tell her what she wants to hear.

Looking forward to March! And to see you start turning yourself around.

Also, one last thing. Your WW is classic WW. I often say on here that women do not need their own place to live to find themselves, or figure themselves out or to work on the marriage. They need their own place to sleep with other men. Dating apps. Sexting. That was part and parcel of what my WW did. She never got to a full blown PA but she was well on her way. And the only thing that stopped her was my GAL, and detaching. Two things you haven't been able to do.

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