Curtis, I know you are not done with your updates. However, I have noticed a pattern. You say "I am giving her space. I am letting her go to get her back. etc....." However, then you talk about snooping, confronting, asking questions and starting R talks.

Notice, in none of the books or programs (and I read most of them myself, and even bought the Manly Man program) did they say "giver he time and space unless she has an OM". Time and space is for her to figure her stuff out. Letting her go means letting her go, not letting her go unless she is in an EA, PA, texting other men, etc.

You are pushing her out the door. You are cementing your fate of D. The tighter you hold on to her the more she will struggle to get away. WWs are like a cat. If you pick up and cat and try to hold it on your lap, it will fight you with every fiber of its being to get away. But if you let the cat come to you, jump up on its own and lay on your lap, it will lay there for hours at a time.

STOP THE PRESSURE. STOP THE PURSUIT. STOP TRYING TO CONTROL HER. Drop the rope, let her go. Focus on your 180s, your GAL, and your detachment. You have to get to a place where she could tell you she went to a hotel, and gang-banged 100 guys, and it would roll off your back like water off a duck. You have no chance of turning that around IF you can't get to that point. With every question, confrontation, snooping, tracking, phonecall, text you are pushing her further and further away. If you had dropped the rope the day after BD, you'd be that much closer to her changing her mind. The fact that she is still there is a huge sign. Many WWs and WAWs leave by time they get to the point of BDing. I believe that people DO what they truly BELIEVE what they want. People TALK about what they aren't sure about.

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