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I asked the boys last night if anyone would like to take the dog for a walk with all the awesome remaining light now and all. One said yes the other said no who she was cuddling with and then she decides to come.

She has complained recently that she likes when I'm out of the house sailing or running or when she is at work but then has the out to chill wo me but decides to come. Then on the walk I try to ask about a work project and I get a snide snicker and curt answer.

Can't figure it out but never giving up.

Past issues that she has brought up that lead to where we are now is us arguing every couple of months and both of yelling. Nothing vicious just loud voices about what ever it was. She walks away and I follow. Unfortunetly now I know with tone and volume..


Trying to figure her out is a fools game. This is why it is important to listen, validate, but be emotionally detached. You need to get to the place where what she does and says has no impact on you. This doesn't happen over night, you have to consciously work on it.

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