Sorry you are here. She is following the Wayward Wife script to a T. Same thing my WW did. Started telling me that I was pushing her away, which I was because I was pursuing her, that I was smothering her, that she needed space etc.

All blamed on me. I was being gaslighted to the max and she was/is sleeping with her boss. WW's don't need space to "move on". They want their own space so they can have a private place to screw other men. Again, sorry you are experiencing this.

Just follow everything you read here. Drop all expectations that your relationship is going to survive. Take a huge step back. Stop pursuing.

If you are suspicious and find something you will just hurt yourself badly. Even if you catch her doing something and cheating she will lie and blame you for it. So just start the DB. Focus on yourself. Stop all pursuit. Make decisions and do things that make you happy. Its time to fulfill yourself. Get healthy, do the big 180 and act completely different than you used to.

Stay cordial. Set boundaries. Follow through if the boundaries are broken. I elected to welcome a divorce from my WW because of how badly she treated me in addition to cheating on me. It hurts man. You will live. You will get through this. Keep posting here. If you want to talk to her about something, post here and get feedback. If she starts talking to you about anything, post it here and get feedback before you respond.

This place is gold. It will help you a lot.

H(me) 38
WW: 38
S11 D16 D19
Red Flags of A: March 2018
ILYBNILWY: August 4, 2018
Moved out of MBR: September 24, 2018
BD/Confirmation of A: October 31, 2018
D Filed: March 27, 2019