Married 7, together 10, 2 kids, 4 and 6. Been on the rocks since August and in separate bedrooms since December.
I was following Mort Fortels's CD and plan and have read the DB book twice. We live together and co parent just fine and have been conflict free for about a month. No fights, just being, watching TV on the couch together etc just not much talking and no intimacy.

Last night she bring up one of getting an apartment for space so we can move on with our lives. She has brought of the D a couple of times and I told her that she will have to be the one to file bc I believe our communication issues can be worked on and improved and a great reconnection can be made if we move forward.

She says she does not to be with me and too much has happened to work it out, the old i love you but bla bla, I need space to miss you. Should I just ignore it all and keep being my best?

Thanks Choppy

Me. 46
Her 37

Years together 10
Married 7.5

Kids 4 and 6