Thanks for that. You make some good points and I am seeing some things differently because of my position.

I say that to myself every day...'W, this divorce is your choice, its not my problem that you don't like the consequences of your choices.' The hope is that if the time and situation comes I can say it in person. Not out of anger, just to get it off my chest.

I am emailing too much about stuff. That's just a hard thing to break. I try to not respond if there isn't a question, and its very hard to not respond to accusations that are untrue. Will keep working at it.

The temp orders are not signed yet. It took her a month to get them reviewed and to our side for review. I just had them sent back to her L for review. However, my L advised me to pay her the state recommended child support based on the state worksheet to stay in good standing with the court in case we have to go back to court since we are so far apart on the temp orders' content. Her L 'needs to do some client management' is what mine said. I know they are just eating up our money, but mine at least acknowledges that its a waste of our money and she would like to get this settled.

I know she is trying to control me, and that I need to use less words less often. Executing that is a different story. I am not blowing up her email by any means, but I have replied twice this week to things that I found unacceptable to let linger. I will work on my tolerance and letting the rain run off the duck's back. She has always been an excellent manipulator and this is the only time I have really stepped back and seen it. It makes me so upset when I think about how she has used me for all these years and is trying to continue using me. I talked with my L yesterday to make sure she is aware that I am feeling that way and I would like to be a little more of a bully back until they are willing to negotiate on my priorities. She is willing and the temp orders we sent for review are good for me monetarily and as good as I can do right now with work for a schedule with the kids. Mid week visits every week and every other weekend.

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it!

Me40; W38; S12; D9
BD11/19/2018 D filed 12/20/18
D Final 7/2020
Being the best example I know how for my kids to see.