"I was lied to multiple times in this process; I do not trust your word. In order to be able to trust you, the 'misunderstandings', lies, and twisted words must stop. I want to have an open and communicative relationship through this process, but right now I must protect myself legally and emotionally." W: "Its not my fault you can't trust me, its yours. You need to be more responsible for your emotions and stop blaming me for your problems. I know you are angry, but don't blame me for your anger."[/quote]

Less words brother.

H"It is best if we handle that through the lawyers"

You cannot reason with this woman. She is like my X. In time maybe. not now.

Take that Anger and channel it into action. Use it to light a fire under your L to get your midweek visits.

Use it to get a transcript of the hearing.

I don't mean be angry with these people. Just use it as a clue that you need to take action.

Look here for effectively channel emotions:

"What is best for my kids is best for me"
Amor Fati
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