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Although throwing her overboard would of been an interesting action.

Yeah but I promised her mom and her daughters I'd keep her safe and return her in the same condition I picked her up in. Plus, I'm told the paperwork on that is horrendous.

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Bored at work and started reading through some threads.

So in other words, never mind? Good to see your advice is well reasoned. well thought out, and to be taken to heart smile

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The question is moot though - he's ill with a life threatening disease and no real support system; I won't abandon him.

I fully understand and agree. I could not abandoned someone like this either and hope (and like to think) I'd do the same thing you are.. I've said it before that he's very lucky to have you. I'd be forever grateful if it were me in his situation.

It is interesting, just in an abstract way (not necessarily talking you or your sitch KML) but interesting how one little thing can cause someone to walk away and never look back when it happens before or after a first date - and the quick walk away and never look back is supported by many. Any number of little things can have someone move on and try the next person. Yet, after even a few months, people are much more willing to overlook or at least give a chance to those very same behaviors that would have had them out the door previously. Again, just a very interesting aspect of human nature. And clearly I'm not pointing fingers here - I'm much the same. I allowed Wild Girl many more latitudes and overlooked more than I have with all sorts of other woman that never made it to the 10th or even 5th date. I guess this is yet something else to be said for dating the same person for awhile rather than dozens of 3rd dates.

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