Drowning my sorrows in chocolates as we speak - perhaps that's the reason for chocolates on this holiday, for comfort when it all goes awry.

I think I've decided just now- I'm not doing Valentines Day ever again. I feel like Charlie Brown in the Peanuts strip when Lucy pulls the football away. I thought my expectations were set low enough that they could be met, but honestly, they never have. I've put myself out, cooked romantic dinners, hidden dozens or construction paper hearts in my exH's car, bought sexy lingerie - yet really can't remember one Valentine's Day where I really felt loved and appreciated (except for Crazy exBF, and that's ruined by the knowledge now that he was a two-timing liar. )

So starting next year, regardless of whether I have a boyfriend or not, I'm going to start a new tradition. Not sure what it will be, but it will involve self-indulgence and NO MEN.