Happy Valentines Day Don - or, as some call it, Happy Singles Awareness Day.

Frankly, more often than not, it's been a shi!!y holiday for me. My ex, while he could be romantic at other times, seldom put himself out for Valentines Day - I recognize now that it was a sign of his ambivalence about the marriage.

CMM has ruined our evening tonight by griping to me tonight when I got home about my Aspergers son not leaving the kitchen clean enough. (Seriously, it was pretty clean, just clean dishes in the drainer and a couple clean pot lids not put away. ) if CMM dies on me, my next date will not be anybody suspiciously tidy.

Honestly, the only memorable Valentines Day I can remember is when crazy exBF snuck into my bedroom while I was asleep and filled it with Mylar balloons. Of course, nowcwe know he had a side piece during all that time.

I'm low maintenance - some modest flowers, a box of chocolates, a bubble bath - I'm pretty low maintenance. But I think I need to just reduce my expectations to zero, and maybe plan some mysterious "conference" that always falls on Valentine's Day that takes me out of town.

Don, definitely don't take a date to the wedding - weddings are good places to meet women, didn't you see Yhe Wedding Crashers?