I want to do an update... but I'm still so all over the map... I guess I can give everyone else a look into my disjointed life. LOL.

Had a real fun weekend - well at least in most part. Good band gigs, especially Saturday night. Lots of people I knew came to see us including my youngest niece. Also there was someone I've been flirting with over the past couple years. It's been pretty tame as she is, well was, married. She's even younger than wild girl - WTF - just turned 40. Again lives a state or two away but her mom and sister live here and now that she's getting D'd she's been around more. I'm again pushing myself as she's not totally my type - well not my type in many ways but still is educated, nice enough. Again her mom loves me. What is it with the mom's think I'm a great guy/great catch, the daughters not so much or not sure. Will see if that goes anywhere but someone to have fun with is really about it. I mean 15 years younger - enough with this already.

I told Ginger this offline and she totally understands. I'm pretty much over it now but got some, let's say difficult comments from the other guys in the band. These are the guys who went on the cruise with me. I've known one of them since we were 15 and 17 so yeah 40 years now. Anyhow, Wild Girl came up in conversation including comments that evidently I was a lot more fun to be around and they attributed it to her. "And you let her get away" soon followed from the 40 year friend. Ugggg, um no, that's not really the story. But talk about a rock and a hard place. Am I supposed to bad mouth her, tell them how broken she is and why I didn't want more?" All they know and see is this very fun, very outgoing girl they had a great time with and who they think makes me more fun and would be great for me - and they wonder what's wrong with Don that he let her get away. There is so much more to that story as you all know, yet it really made me feel bad. Was not a nice thing to say either.

Saw one of my "cruise candidates" again yesterday. I nearly stopped to get a single flower or candy or something just to be nice but didn't. Clearly should have as several other clients (she cuts my hair) did and she seemed to love it. She is very single. I don't think she's dated much if at all since I met her three or four years ago. I think she'd go out with me. I know she would have gone on the cruise with me had I asked. Yet, I can't push myself to do it. Then some guy will find her and I will wish that I had. Yet, I can't pull the trigger and I'm not even sure why. With Wild Girl I didn't even hesitate - well it did take over a year but then I didn't hesitate. Maybe it will be the case with this one. I guess I need a name for her. - although if nothing happens... no name needed. LOL

Will I ever figure this all out or is my life just going to keep going on like this forever. I almost wish I was unhappy as then I'd perhaps do something about it. But I'm not. I really like most of my life. So why change what I'm happy with. Yes, I could be even happier - or perhaps I could be much sadder. I've clearly seen both sides in the last 8 months. I just can't make myself have "those" feelings - yet they might grow if I allowed them to.

Slower weekend coming up here. I reached out to some of my friends but half are doing things for VT day while the other half want to stay out of the frey - especially the females - and were not thrilled about meeting up with me on VT weekend. So going to visit with my parents tomorrow for dinner. I don't think I've been to dinner with them this year yet so it's probably a good thing to do. Might meet someone for a drink on Saturday, although not sure yet. Sunday I'm in Chicago.

Things are slow now although the travel plans keep adding up. I of course had the cruise - somewhat a month ago today was the start of that. Go to Europe in mid-April. Nashville just got added to the schedule for Memorial Day weekend - and I love that town and know so many there. Playing for a wedding - not to name drop but it will be held at a time jumper country star's farm. (yes there is a hint in there) and then doing a public bar/restaurant type place for two nights. Blocking out some days in late October or early November to hit Orlando. I've not been there for so many years and even still have three days of unexpired passes. Looking for someone fun to go with me - perhaps the 40 yr/o nearly D'd. Will see. And some band road trips mixed in as well although these destinations are not of the same caliber. OH and my oldest niece (now all of 23) is getting married in May. No I am NOT taking a date to the wedding. But the GAL is still in gear. Could increase it for sure but it's still chugging along.

Enough, I need to stop typing as I'm starting to ramble now. At least there's an update. Oh and those really paying attention, I still have Wild Girls clothes here. She's off in NYC with her D17 and today happens to be her B-Day - so for at least a little while I'm only 12 years older. LMAO. I've had a little bit of contact but not much - which is totally fine with me. The plan is to get together after NYC so she can tell me all about it. I'd be shocked if we did anymore than that - and I'm very fine with that.

And that's my life as of this Thursday afternoon. Happy Valentines Day?!?!?!?!?

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