Oh Doodler, Doodler, Doodler...

Anyhow, as soon as I saw the low T (and I already am aware and know a fair amount about this) I really thought, hmmmmm. It's not depression - I'm really sure of that. It could be the love avoidance but I did pretty well getting past that with Wild Girl - although she never really put me to the ultimate test so who knows? But low T... I'm on a medication very well known to drive down T levels. I'm on a low dose but I'm sure it's still effecting things. It did not effect my drive or performance with Wild Girl but she is soooooo sexual how could it? Yes, I know it still could but I think it was as much her helping there. But what about this woman I had hooked up with (we didn't have full sex but still) and I really had no desire to go there this past weekend. That could well be low T going on there. Perhaps it's time for me to wean off fully or perhaps switch to something that would not do that as much. I may try an even lower dose and perhaps it's time to just stop. I think it might help with my ambition in other areas as well. I'm not a fan of replacement - especially since we really don't well know the long term ramifications of that.

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