Reasons why you might be having trouble getting motivated:


Low testosterone (okay, doesn't sound like this has been a problem, but it DOES decline with age and it IS the hormone of motivation and drive)

Love Avoidance -
We talked about Swedish Goddess and how I should at least take her out and see if anything is there. I could, I may, but it's sorta like I also have to take some checks to deposit in the bank, get some grocery's and a few other errands. Calling Swedish Goddess would be sorta on that same list. It's a to do - not a want to do.

This sounds an awful lot like my Love Avoidant coffee buddy who told me he wouldn't make a date on Monday for Friday night because he wasn't sure he'd be in the mood for it Friday. He'd rather wait until Friday to ask and risk her being unavailable than have it hanging over him all week "like a dentist appointment". Maybe Wild Girl didn't trigger this because you thought of her as unlikely to work out or to have expectations of you.

Fear of getting hurt - after all, Buddha said "All suffering comes from desire", if you don;t desire anybody then there's no risk right?