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What I think you have learned though from this year is that you DO want companionship and at least a steady girlfriend. It may be time to put a little more effort into looking in the right places for the right type of woman.

Of all the people here KML you seem to get me the most. Or at least I agree with most of what you have to say. I again agree. The problem is do I have the wherewithal to put in the effort necessary. I also heard multiple times from multiple people how much more fun I was to be around, and how much more fun I was with Wild Girl around. I guess I don't see it but others clearly did - which again supports your thought KML. But sometimes I just don't feel it. Take this weekend...

I was at an annual event in Chicago - the 31st annual and I was at the first one. Just think about that for a minute. But anyhow, I took the woman from Canada I've known for quite a few years and hooked up with two years ago at Thanksgiving to dinner. She was staying the night and flying home today. We get along great. She knows all about Wild Girl and my life. I know or at least strongly sense she's interested but I'm pretty sure I have friend zoned her. Yet we are very compatible in so many ways, get along great. I just can't bring myself to feel it. I'm sure I could have spent the night - if even in the other bed - but again, I just couldn't push myself to do it. Maybe that's normal, but this happens more often than not to me. As wrong and as broken as she is, I totally had "those feelings" for Wild Girl but not for others. Why? I don't know. Was WG "safe" since I knew from day one she had too much damage and she also was casual with me? I'm sure that's part of it.

We talked about Swedish Goddess and how I should at least take her out and see if anything is there. I could, I may, but it's sorta like I also have to take some checks to deposit in the bank, get some grocery's and a few other errands. Calling Swedish Goddess would be sorta on that same list. It's a to do - not a want to do. That could totally change if I spent time with her but pushing myself to spend time with her is the challenge.

Had about a dozen people all told ask "where is your girlfriend" or some variation of that comment. Hmmmmm maybe I should not have put those pictures up on Facebook. What really catches my attention is if all of these friends see those pictures and think GF - what can this new guy be thinking?

I did get to talk with WG's aunt. I sort of thought she was not too fond of her niece and might say so. She actually has some nice things to say about her. Her parents did not show up - even though WG texted me saying they might after she went to dinner with them on Friday. They were really wanting to hear about the cruise. I told her of all the people who said to say hello and/or asked about her. Funny, she said that she was working - as if that's why she wasn't there. Odd. LOL Have not talked since Saturday. I still need to get her clothes back to her though.

There were a few others I may have had some interest in but again not really enough to do anything about it. At least the trips keep stacking up. Add Nashville to the list. Looks like I'll be performing there over Memorial Day Weekend. It's another combination thing doing two public places - bars - and a wedding - which is the reason to get us there and then we'll fill in the public bar gigs around it to make financial sense.

Never really had the post vacation blues last week but now after another vacation type weekend it's a bit of a down Monday. I've got yet another easy week then gigs this coming weekend. I'm half hardily thinking of reaching out to Swedish Goddess and a few others (as I bring this full circle back to my first paragraph) as yes it would be nice to have someone to have another fun summer with like I did last year. I mean I'm only getting older here and can't be wasting even more time.

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