Im glad you had a good time Don, everything actually happened exactly as you initially desired, the path was a bit different than expected, but spot on to what you wanted at first. I will say I was shocked when the pics first went up on FB, I wondered if she okd it or if you just said f it, but Im glad to hear you checked with her first.

Its a difficult thing to choose between the great right now (but gonna be a mess in the future) and the [censored] right now but Im gonna stay alone until the right one comes along.. my opinion is that you probably couldve shown more interest and kept her longer, but I dont think forever was ever in the cards and without that it just might not be worth..

Welcome back to the real world where you gotta make your own bed and cook again.. def the toughest part of coming back from a cruise.

M - 9 1/2 years
5/5/16 - Bomb drop - 3 week EA
10/31/16 - We sold house
01/10/18 - D Finalized