My Last Thread

Well... Here I am with a brand new thread - and back to the old topic of this coach. Some will really protect their leader. Lol. I'm not saying he's useless but he's not all you crack him up to be. Juju is very on point that different things work on different people. I've got to get some work done but the book did not work on wild girl and I did not "steal her away" other than for a few days. Back on land she was anxious to return to what she left. She claimed it was mostly D15 and D17 but I'm sure new guy is high on the list. Although I am over and done with her so it's not like I asked her out again or anything. I promise I will write the story of what she says happened and what I really think. Some of it will support you and your coach - others will not.

As for why would I call? I'm curious!!! I want to know what this guy thinks about all of this. That's just me - very curious - even WG has said so. I was a bit surprised that she texted me late last night. That's not happened for a long time. She asked how I was feeling after the dentist. Her place is closed today, like many, due to the cold so she was staying up late (and drinking wine). We didn't text too long and I ended it. Anyhow, I don't hate her. I will not pursue her but I have multiple items if her clothing so just that alone means I'll see her at least one more time. But we agreed we'd stay in touch. I'll see her aunt (whom I've known 25+ years) this weekend. I know I'll run into her parents. That changes the dynamic. If I had zero ties I may never see her again but this was not a weekend hook up. She's the first woman I've spent 10 days/nights with in over 10 years. If I didn't make her my GF in summer when I could have, I certainly won't now. But I coukd see going to a ballgame or something. Who knows? She's not the devil, just not LTR potential. Even broken people can be fun. I just can never trust her. Not all my friends are perfect either but I still like them. As was quoted and I've said all along, she's fun to play with, just not R material.

I'll try to write the story she spun this afternoon.

Me 56
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