LOL so I don't have my cell with me, but this was it actually was about 8 total texts between last night and this morning...and it's REAL deep stalker type stuff..."Hi""So I feel asleep""Sorry I missed your text""Wanted to talk with you""esp as I don't have to be at work til later""good night""sweet dreams" that was last night..this morning "good morning, hope you have a great day""missed talking with you last night"

As i say I did try to call her once last night just to say good night. night before when i just said hey i'm off to bed, she asked me to call her so she could hear my voice

this morning from her was "good morning""i feel asleep lol" I replied simply "hope you had a restful night" she said "just waking up, text you later" i said "heading into work, just email you there" she replied "cool" then a bit later I got the "i'm sorry <box score> of my comms to her...it's a bit overwhelming"

if I was like "where are you?" "call me back!" something creepy/stalker like i'd get it more. but if I use 10 text lines to say 10 words that are not deep thoughts...she has sent me paragraphs in single texts LOL but it's not like I count the words and say "ok that's uncomfortable" :-)

i'm just laying low...and for sure if she contacts me, i will be light...

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19