LH...thanks man...I got that book some months ago and I had been reading through some of it. I'm aware of many of the points that he's talking about. And i do get that 10 texts could be a lot, but if one text is "Hi" "you still up?" is another...like i say I could have rolled it up into 2 texts max. it's not like I was writing War and Peace to her or panicked or quizinng her or anything like that.

And yep, i'm doing exactly that. the uneven thing like i say is...she's been calling, FT'ing me, all that each day...I call one time to see if she's up and she counts the texts I send, and she's a bit overwhelmed...she was going full throttle, i thought i was continually slowing down/pulling back...

bottom line slowing the F down. we both took off upon first contact. just hoping i've not blown it. even if I have though...from my time/experience...i'll just walk on ahead.

AND...like I say I was simply heading to sleep one night with no talking to her being cool/laid back, yet she texts me to ask if i can call her to say good night...

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Me:34 W:40
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D Final: 6/19