so this a different update...

last night Sunshine is working, so I'm watching tv leaving her be...i fall asleep, it was late, but she had sent a simple Hi text and I had missed it. we usually exchange "good nights" at least. anyway thought she might still be up so called once, but no answer. so i texted back about 5 lines saying "hey sorry i feel asleep, have a good night, etc" as usual in the morning we text a good morning pleasantry to each other. she replied she had fallen asleep too. she was still sleeping pretty much and could we text later. i was on my way into work anyway so said no worries let's just email once we're at work and she replied cool to that...

so a bit later i'm getting ready to head into the office, i get a text say "i'm sorry i'm a bit overwhelmed by waking to 2 missed calls, 10 texts and you wanting to talk when i'm not really up yet, it's a bit overwhelming" so i called once and yes it could have been 10 texts, but i could have condensed it to 3-5 and for sure i had no expectation of her wanting to talk at that time. heck we had just agreed to email once we got to work.

when we first met she was proactive about calling me, FT'ing me, you name it. i can be long winded on chat and have said as much to her and hope to improve it. i genuinely like her as a person and i'm trying above all else to not be pushy, nor too fast and for sure not overwhelm here, yet based on her update this morning I'm feeling like I've blown it with her even though I don't feel like a missed call and 10 text messages is really overwhelming.

so anyone who has any words of encouragement or especially ladies with advice, i'm all ears. she has told me she is excited about us, has asked if I could call her before going to sleep so we could say good night and has told her mother about me. I do have GAL planned for this weekend and I'm genuinely feeling in a good spot. I'm just in that first weeks phase where everything is new and trying to not blow my chance with her. last thing i want to do is scare her off.


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19