thank you neffer!

Yes, you are right...strip away all of the rest and DB is to me primarily about becoming the best version of yourself that you present to the world and releasing any desire to control the world's reaction to who that person is.

One thing for sure that I would also say to the other guys who just posted. If/when a new someone comes around, your mind will flood with a ton of thoughts. TIME/PATIENCE. Miss Sunshine and I got off to a fast start just in terms of planning to do things. And then we realized that and it lead to our first need to communicate. It wasn't a conflict at all, just a point where we had to work through. I am happy to say she is very open and honest. We both told each other our thoughts, agreed we should take our time and agreed the need to discuss it further was closed unless/until we reach the next milestone. I knew it wasn't a conflict, but from what I've learned here I listened to her, engaged her and we resolved it. When you start with a clean slate and as things come up, you will find yourself drawing on what you've learned here.

I guess along those lines...when/if you meet someone new...just as is said here to LBS's to not share the knowledge with the WW, I would highly suggest folks don't brain dump there new "selves" on the new person. Keep it for you, don't spew it out at the new person. The knowledge should be "grafted" into the new person you have become if that makes sense. I guess I mean just don't approach the new person as a walking book of self help pointers. Be natural. You will have spent so much time here learning Sandi's rules, do this/do that, but don't take that approach into the new relationship.

thank you neffer for your support my friend!

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19