Fellas...well although I only have one child, I will soon have two divorces. Within the first 48 hours of speaking with HMMMM...I need a name for her...got it..Miss Sunshine. Ok, so within the first 48 hours of talking with Miss Sunshine, the topic of my divorces had already come up. She already knew I had a D4 from my pictures. Main thing is open and honest. She asked a question, I gave the truth. I let her ask me what she needed to know as it went. I told her I didn't want to dump a pile of me on her right away, preferred that we just discuss things naturally as they come up. Now some ladies may be ok with your baggage, others may not. If anything else from what you have learned on here and will have learned by your first encounter with a new lady past your exW, if one lady decides she's not for you, move right on along, there will be others. Be yourself, be confident, h**l show your strength and quality because by the time you've gone through what we've all gone through, you WILL be all of those things!

For me, Miss Sunshine point blank said "how is it possible you are not taken?" Also she had said she thought she would make a great mom or step-mom and her expectation for how many children she may want would be flexible depending on if the man she married had any children. Bottom line...drop the worry, be honest, be open and most of all BE.THE.MAN.

Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19