B & AS,

I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in there. I too have been told I am/will be a catch when I am ready to start dating again. Hopefully, having 3 young children won't be too much of a no go for most women, but it does make me worry. I had discussion with my father where I was expressing the frustration of having to start over, date, and date for the first time in my adult life. He said TF women are like busses, dont worry another one will come along shortly.

H(37) W(35)
D8, D5, S3
T20, M13
BD 8/31/18
EA Discovered 9/13/18
Mediation 10/3/18
W files for D 10/12/18
W moves out 11/10/18
EA confirmed 12/25/18
D Final 1/10/19