We aren't giving you advice to treat your W poorly. Also, nobody is criticizing you. Everyone here started in their sitch just like you. Wondering how on Earth detaching would help.

You are asking if you would leave your W if she had an illness. That is not a fair comparison because if your wife had an illness instead of an A, she would still be upholding her vows. Your W said screw your vows. The vows she took before God and family. She promised to remain loyal to you through everything until you die.

Your WW broke that promise. How is it ok for her to disrespect you, to so your vows in the trash and then you are the only one holding to your vows?

A MR will not work with only one person holding to their vows. Your W already fired you. This isnt something that is just going to blow over. This isnt just some random fight where everything is going to be ok. This is the end of your MR with your W.

Your MR was ended without your consideration or input. Go try DB and see how you feel. Or keep pursuing and being controlled by her wherein you will feel horrible all the time from the roller coaster of emotions that will never go away.

The longer you stay attached the more you will hurt.

H(me) 38
WW: 38
S11 D16 D19
Red Flags of A: March 2018
ILYBNILWY: August 4, 2018
Moved out of MBR: September 24, 2018
BD/Confirmation of A: October 31, 2018
D Filed: March 27, 2019