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good luck -B! Funny how life is, ain't it? "I think I am done with a relationships." "Whoa, a cute woman is attracted to me!"

Never say never.

Lol, this is where I am at. Its still a bit odd to me to have a woman interested in me. What is even stranger is that I am very interested in her. I am so so glad that the woman I am talking to is also interested in "slow and steady". Like zero planning for the future, lets enjoy what we have now and actually talk about our feelings while being transparent.

I was already "done" mentally with my MR before I met this woman. But now that I have met her I am truly free. I feel wonderful and the positive attention and positive words of affirmation from a beautiful young woman do wonders on my self confidence. Meeting this woman really woke me up in regards to understanding that I absolutely deserve sooooooooooooooo much better than what I was "content" with.

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