Davide, yep for sure in a very real sense I feel like I've been positive BD'd if that makes any sense.

For me it means NOT trying to avoid conflict, NOT being passive, deferring my role as man of the relationship. I am far more aware of and interested in establishing solid foundations within a relationship from the start especially with regards to communication. I think most importantly to me, Sandi's post regarding how a woman loses respect for her man. That really resonated with me. While true that my WW was responsible for leaving and ending our MR, there are many points within Sandi's list where I felt that I could have/should have done much better. Again not truly being aware of the impact of those things which I took for granted. Basically and this will sound overly simplistic, but it really is...being THE MAN. And I don't mean being a fake or over the top alpha or some jerk or other distorted depiction of one. The leader, protector, provider, take care of business type that all women respect. I'm as excited about developing that within me and for the benefit of this new relationship as I am about the fact that this new relationship has presented itself.


Me:34 W:40
M:7 T:8
D Final: 6/19