Congrats Ballast! It's great to hear the shift in tone as this new relationship as opened your eyes to the future!

You mentioned using this new relationship as a space to try out the new and improved Ballast v.2.0, and I think that is spot on. Taking the lessons we have learned through our stiches to make ourselves a better partner in any relationship. For me that means letting go (or trying to!) of expectations, and holding everything lightly rather than trying to grasp and clutch it closely. It also means being true to my values even if that means walking away from a relationship or person who I am attracted to.

What do you think it means to you?

W 34 Me 42
Married 7 years together 8
0 kids 1 beloved dog
BD 4/6/2018
I moved out 4/7/2018
I moved back in alone 8/05/2018
I file 3/06/2019
D official 5/7/2019